Berry and white chocolate sandwich cookies

I saw these on the BBC good food social media feeds, and the day after made them!

Another really simple recipe- a basic chocolate chip cookie dough, although I used dark chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate.

I made these in a bit of a rush, so they cookies weren’t identical or round! In future, I’ll weigh the dough to ensure they are equal, and maybe use a spoon to ensure they are round.

Once the cookies are cool, I sandwiched them together. The filling is raspberry jam with a load of grated white chocolate, but somehow is not too sweet! The tart raspberries really cut through, although I’d like to find a way to make this more prominent.

My colleagues loved these! They were absolutely giant, but deserved after a particularly busy Monday. I’m hoping to make again very soon, when I’ve got a bit more time, so that they look a bit more refined.


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