Banana and tahini traybake

I had a load of bananas left over from last week, and a jar of tahini that has been sitting in my fridge for quite a while! So I found this lovely recipe on BBC Good Food.

It was a very easy batter to make, although I did forget to add sesame seeds to it before baking – forgetting an ingredient is a theme with me! However, there was tahini in the batter, so the sesame taste was still enough.

The buttercream was a standard buttercream, with a couple of tablespoons of tahini mixed in. I was so pleased with the buttercream, as I often have issues ensuring it is the right consistency! I trialled beating the butter first, before adding the icing sugar, which I think worked well. It was very easy to spread over the cake. Clearly the appearance isn’t the greatest, so I should maybe have piped it, but I needed to finish it in a hurry!

Instead of chocolate chips (I didn’t have any), I added some dark chocolate shavings. I needed to add more, as you couldn’t really taste it.

The texture and taste were lovely. It was really balanced with the sweetness and the sesame taste, so nothing was too overpowering.


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